It’s true…let’s celebrate the “day neutral” strawberry!

While “June bearing” strawberry plants flower according to day length, day neutral plants continue to flower and produce fruit as long as it’s warm enough – from late May until frost in Ontario.  Instead of three weeks, the Ontario strawberry season can now be nearly five months.  We often have Ontario strawberries in the store on Thanksgiving weekend – thank you science!

Some fun facts about strawberries.  To indigenous peoples the strawberry symbolizes the heart and carries origin stories, medicine, and good teachings.  Strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside…which makes them a “false fruit” (it’s complicated).  My last name, Fraser, is derived from the Anglo-Norman French word for strawberry plant, “fresere”, and strawberries are on my clan’s coat of arms 😊.  Oh and they are delicious!

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