Every day is Earth Day at Fraberts Fresh Food!  Many may not know that Chef Derek and I actually come from environmental science backgrounds – Derek was an aquatic toxicologist and I have an M.Sc. in natural resources management – we met while working for the same environmental consulting company.  Derek went back to school to become a chef and we then took the leap into entrepreneurship.  We continue to be passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and are committed to doing what we can.

Some examples include:
– Friendlier re-useable containers for our ready made meals
– Eby Manor and Sheldon Creek dairy products in re-useable glass milk bottles
– supporting local farmers reduces the carbon footprint required to get food onto your table
– we know that the farmers we source directly from are caring for their land for future generations
– close daily management reduces our food waste, channeling product to the Food Bank, our kitchen, or “free to a good home” offerings
– we are working hard to reduce our reliance on plastics, encouraging our customers to use re-useable bags and offering paper bags
– our produce bags are biodegradable
– many of the farmers we purchase directly from use wooden re-usable bushel baskets to reduce packaging waste
– we will continue to work towards reducing plastic use while ensuring product safety and freshness to the best of our ability
Thank you for supporting us in our efforts!