Fraberts’ 8th Birthday Party
Saturday, May 28

It’s our 8th birthday and we are having a party! We’ll have samples and demos from four of our favourite suppliers as well as our own tasty products.  We will also have a bee hive (enclosed!) for kids of all ages to check out!

Chance to win $80 in free groceries!  We have in-store ballots and you can rack up e-ballots on social media – just use #FrabertsTurns8 on Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram and each entry will be entered in the draw.  Share often and celebrEight with us!

We cannot believe 8 years have passed – time flies when you’re having fun!

Six by Sixteen

Can your teen prepare six different healthy meals?  Too many kids are growing up without the skills to prepare their own meals.

Check out this terrific new program  Chef Derek and I were honoured to do a live demonstration on the preparation of a delicious and simple meal, all with local food, to a high school class in Thorold yesterday to launch their photo contest.  Get your teen to take a photo of their meal and share it on for a chance to win an iPad mini!

Ask your local high school Home-Ec department or any food and/or nutrition classes to get their students involved!

Local Produce Update

Asparagus continues to be amazing!  Fiddleheads won’t be around much longer…did you know that you can prepare fiddleheads in pretty much the same way you would with asparagus?  Just this morning I found local radishes.  And Farmer Bruce has arrived with his local rhubarb…..strawberries are just around the corner!