We were very honoured to win the Customer Service Excellence award at the recent Chamber of Commerce awards gala!

Thank you so much to Linda Heathfield for nominating us. Thank you to our thoughtful customers who wrote letters of support – they brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you to our amazing staff – both past and present – these are the front line heroes that deliver the customer service that is being celebrated.

And last but not least, thank you to Roberta Scarrow and others on the event committee who completely fooled me!  As a volunteer on the committee my main job is to write the scripts which are voiced and presented at the awards gala…so I always know ahead of time who has won which award.  These sneaky folks duped me…the absolute surprise made receiving the award that much more fun!

We set out to create a store where our community could find terrific local food and convenient ready-made meals in a one-stop, seven day per week spot.  We wanted to make grocery shopping enjoyable.  We wanted to share our knowledge as ‘farm girl’ and chef to make feeding your family simple and informed.  We respect the trust you have placed in us to play a role at your dinner table.  Thank you!