Big Sale!

It’s our first ever Fraberts Fresh Food store-wide sale! Our employees want to share their employee discount with you – 10% off everything in the store. What a great opportunity to try something new, or stock up on a favourite. Try out our delicious pizzas or deli sandwiches – 10% off. Stock your freezer with ready-made meals, soups, or frozen meat – the usual 10% off frozen goods is compounded by an additional 10% off! Yup, our employees get all the perks here at Fraberts Fresh Food – it almost makes my endless lists and Derek’s bad sense of humour bearable for them! Limited time only – Tuesday, January 15 until Tuesday, January 22, inclusive.  Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Fergus Believes in Santa!

Fraberts was very proud to participate in the Fergus Believes in Santa campaign to raise money for the Groves Memorial Hospital Foundation, which raised $7,500! Fraberts gave $1 for every Christmas turkey sold – we sold 200 turkeys – so $200. Thanks to our generous customers who matched our donation. I wish I knew how much money was put into our can…it was very heavy and I saw lots of bills going in there too! Visit!/FergusBelievesInSanta for more information on this terrific campaign.

Movember News

Speaking of fundraising….most of you got to witness Derek’s Movember ‘stache in person (or on our Facebook page – check it out in case you missed it at Thankfully it is gone…but again, thanks to your generosity, we raised $400 for the Guelph Hospice, in memory of our friend Richard Armstrong.