Superbowl, Valentines, Family Day!

30 Jan Superbowl, Valentines, Family Day!


The Superbowl is this Sunday – what will you be eating?

Fraberts has everything you need for Superbowl eating!  Chili, chicken wings, nacho dip, chips…..  Get a terrific Fraberts pizza for the gang!

Valentine’s Day

Fraberts has everything you need to make your Valentine’s Day dinner romantic and delicious.  We’ll have lots of great local steaks on hand, and as always everything to go with those steaks.  Sparkling cider, freshly baked pies and Mapleton’s ice cream for dessert….  Add candles, wine, and romance and you are all set!

Family Day Weekend (February 13-16)

Celebrate the long weekend with great food!  Fraberts will have lots of our famous nacho dip, flatbreads, hummus and other snacks ready for family entertaining.  Having a special dinner – we can help with that too!

Freezer Sale

Frozen turkeys and hams – 25% off!  What a deal!

Happy Birthday to 92.9 The Grand!

Our awesome local radio station turns 3 on January 31.  Fraberts is proud to have been a supporter since it hit the waves back in 2012.  Here’s to many, many more!





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